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Design and Communicate with the mind in mind.

We are on a mission to make behavioral science and gamification more accessible and actionable to help you craft better experiences.

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"Designing without psychology is like navigating through a maze without a map – you'll find yourself lost and unsure of where to go next."

Massimo Ingegno | CEO, Make it Lab

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of the Make it toolkit.

A shortcut that helps you anticipate problems, identify opportunity points, and design a solution based on what people are actually likely to do.

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Systematically use strategies during brainstorming to help you generate ideas, formulate behavioral design challenges and to develop impactful solutions.

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Gain access to our carefully curated, ever-growing database of 316 actionable tactics to help you get unstuck with behavioral design. Gain full access to database through our Masterclass program or Custom training.

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What people say about us.

Vitaly Friedman
Founder & Editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine

“Absolutely incredible”

A fantastic tool with practical points to help you anticipate problems and design solutions based on what people are actually likely to do.

Charley Cramer
Founder, Plastic—Studio

“Almost too good to be true!”

Designing for behavior change?
This is the ultimate cheat sheet.

Eden Brownell
Director Behavioral Science mPulse Mobile

"The Make It Toolkit is not just a collection of resources; it’s a catalyst for innovation"

As the Director of Behavioral Science at mPulse Mobile, I’ve found the Make It Toolkit to be an indispensable resource for our team. This toolkit has significantly enhanced our ability to design and implement effective behavioral interventions. Its comprehensive guides and practical tools have empowered us to create more engaging and impactful programs. We are eager to see what improvements in health outcomes it drives for our clients. The Make It Toolkit is not just a collection of resources; it’s a catalyst for innovation.

Premika PoSaw
Principal UX Designer at GovTech Singapore

"The make It Toolkit is a game-changer in behavioral design.”

Unlike other models, it's straightforward and covers all the essentials without getting lost in industry jargon. With 15 practical strategies, it's hands-on and perfect for designing in the digital age. No fluff—just a down-to-earth guide that considers everything from attention to social influences. It has made behavioral design simple and effective, making my job easier and more enjoyable. If you want something that just works, this toolkit is it!

Rawiwan Kumthongmak
VP, Digital Transformation CEO, SCB Academy

"Psychology and design insights directly applicable to business challenges."

Massimo provided great support to SCB Academy to coordinate and deliver multiple training programs in behavioural design and gamification for both our workforce and our business partners. The sessions provided psychology and design insights directly applicable to business challenges.

Chonlak Mahasuvirachai
Co-Founder and CEO, NocNoc.com

"This unique class is really useful and practical."

I’ve known Massimo since 2018 from his class in Gamification. It was my first hands-on experience on behavioural design. We met again in 2020 when NocNoc was looking for a way to up-skill our team. This unique class is really useful and practical. Massimo is the behavioural design expert who could guide and ignite the learner spirits in each of us.

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