Change Behavior,
Change the World.

Some of the most pressing collective problems humanity face can be solved by shaping our everyday behaviours. All of us can apply behavioural science to our own life. Some of us have the opportunity to influence the life of many.

Behavioural Design

What would the world look like if the vast majority of us used our creativity powered by behavioural science to enrich our lives and that of people around us?


Massimo Ingegno

Massimo is a lecturer in Design Management at Thammasat Design School and the Director of Thammasat Design Center (TDC) a training centre to up-skill and re-skill professionals.

In addition to his work as an educator, Massimo helps organisations leverage behavioural design and gamification to engage their customers and workforce.

Massimo believes anyone can benefit from the insights emerging from behavioural science to both enrich their lives and create better products, services and brands. The Make it toolkit is the first step to help others embark on this transformative journey.

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Become a Certified Coach

Certified Make It coaches are experienced professionals who have contributed to build, embraced, and mastered the Make it toolkit.

David McCann

Behavioural and Business Strategist | Finance

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Preeti Kotamarthi

Behavioural Science Lead at Grab

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Zac Fitz-Walter

Gamification Designer and Researcher, PhD.

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