Change Behavior,
Change the World.

Some of the most pressing collective problems humanity face can be solved by shaping our everyday behaviors. All of us can apply behavioral science to our own life. Some of us have the opportunity to influence the life of many.

Behavioral science meets Design

What would the world look like if the vast majority of us used our creativity powered by behavioral science to enrich our lives and that of people around us?

Massimo Ingegno

The Make it Design Process

A 5-step process to solve a problem and shape an experience with behavioral science.

Step 1
Prepare & Strategize

Plan the sprint experience and formulate a challenge statement 

Step 2
Map & Understand

Understand the audience and their decision-making context

Step 3
Brainstorm & Visualize

Use the 15 strategies and related tactics to generate science-backed ideas

Step 4
Design & Build

Turn your ideas into testable solutions and experiences

Step 5
Test & Validate

Design the experiment and validate with the target audience

Who we are

Behavioral design educators and practitioners with experience in health, sustainability, finance, ecommerce, learning, and change management.

Massimo Ingegno

Behavioral Design Strategist and University Lecturer, Creator of the Make it toolkit

Massimo has been defined as one of the world’s leading Behavior and Gamification Designers and has pioneered this filed in Thailand. He has trained 2000+ design and business leaders and created the Make it toolkit to make behavioral design accessible and actionable.

David McCann

Business Strategist and Behavioral Design, Make it toolkit Coach

David is global business leader with extensive and proven results in marketing, product design and culture change programs in high-growth Asian markets. He is focused on financial inclusion and accessible healthcare and uses behavioral design to build solutions to further that goal.

Zac Fitz-Walter

Gamification Designer and Researcher, Make it toolkit Coach

Zac is an established thought leader in the space of gamification, motivation and engagement design. He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design

Preeti Kotamarthi

Applied Behavioral Scientist, Make it toolkit Coach.

Preeti is an Applied Behavioral Science leader, with experience in setting up and running behavioral science units in multiple product-led tech companies and startups. She is passionate about advocating for the role of behavioral science in product and design, through her writing and podcasts."


1. What is behavioral design?
2. Why another toolkit?
3. What do you mean by “tactics”?
4. I work at an educational institution. Is this toolkit suitable for me?
5. I work in the public sector. Is this toolkit suitable for me?
6. What industries can leverage behavioral science and how?
7. Is the Make it toolkit protected by intellectual property rights?
8. Do you offer learning opportunities?
9. What resources do you offer?
10. How can I become a certified Make it facilitator and what are the benefits?

Want to become a Certified Make it Facilitator?

Are you part of an in-house design team or a consulting practice and ready to join our growing network of Certified Facilitators? As a Certified Facilitator, you'll be licensed and gain VIP access to Makeit. Please reach out to find out more




Creator's story

Massimo Ingegno, Creator of the Make it toolkit and CEO of the Make it Lab

Massimo is a lecturer in Design Management at Thammasat Design School and the Director of Thammasat Design Center (TDC) a training centre to up-skill and re-skill professionals.In addition to his work as an educator, Massimo helps organisations leverage behavioral design and gamification to engage their customers and workforce.

Massimo believes anyone can benefit from the insights emerging from behavioral science to both enrich their lives and create better products, services and brands. The Make it Toolkit is the first step to help others embark on this transformative journey.

Read Massimo's story