Behavioral Science &
Gamification for Product Design

Learn how to design persuasive, habit-forming and engaging experiences. Starting September - November 2024.

Online (LIVE)

8 weeks

3 hours/ week

Learn the magic
of the Make it toolkit.

A shortcut that helps you anticipate problems, identify opportunity points, and design a solution based on what people are actually likely to do.

Connect the Dots.

The make it toolkit is a holistic framework grounded in hundreds of books and research insights from thinkers, practioners, and researchers.

The same insights we share with leaders and executives.

Companies serious about applying behavioural science invest tens of thousands of dollars in our training programs. Learn the same strategies, but at a fraction of the cost.

"Psychology and design insights directly applicable to business challenges."

Massimo provided great support to SCB Academy to coordinate and deliver multiple training programs in behavioural design and gamification for both our workforce and our business partners. The sessions provided psychology and design insights directly applicable to business challenges.

Rawiwan Kumthongmak
VP, Digital Transformation CEO, SCB Academy

"This unique class is really useful and practical."

I’ve known Massimo since 2018 from his class in Gamification. It was my first hands-on experience on behavioural design. We met again in 2020 when NocNoc was looking for a way to up-skill our team. This unique class is really useful and practical. Massimo is the behavioural design expert who could guide and ignite the learner spirits in each of us.

Chonlak Mahasuvirachai
Co-Founder and CEO,

True learning happens when you turn theory into practice right away.

..and get support by experts and peers in a fun-loving environment.

Learn the magic in 8 weeks.

Structured Journey

We have put together the most important things you need to know to optimise your existing product or build something from scratch with psychology. You’ll start from zero and become a behaviorual design hero in 6 weeks.

Video Recordings

At the end of each session in addition tot he slides deck, you can watch the lesson recordings, so that you can quickly revisit it at any time.

Case studies

Every session will provide you with many up-to-date, successful and less successful examples to help you appreciate behavioural science and gamification in action.

Practice with the rights method.

Hands-on Activities

Every session will have hands-on individual and group exercises for you to apply directly the most important psychology principles ub your project.

Workshop-ready cards.

Shorten the the problem identification and ideation processes with our database of behavioural barriers and actionable techniques.

Homework and Feedback

Every session will end with practical recommended exercises so that you can practice at your own pace the core principles and then get feedback from peers and instructors. Time commitment for assignments is 1 hour per week.

What our alumni liked the most.

Andreia Ferreira Ruivo
Product Marketing Lead, N26

"This course really was a dream come true, I finally got to learn from teachers and I feel so much secure in my knowledge of behavioural science. If you want to learn more about applied BS, 100% recommend you try this."

It was easy for everything else to fall into place because the teaching style was so human, energetic and flexible. The presentations I enjoyed having more than one teacher breaking up the rhythm of the class, this added dynamism as we switched to a different topic. In Class Exercises: This as well was great to immediately “attempt” to apply what we had just learnt. The difficulty of these was set just right, meaning we had to recall and apply but we never felt we failed. Interacting with others and talking things through was sufficient to succeed, this was rewarding. Resources, Homework, Materials: Receiving the class deck, getting homework and related readings helped me know where I stood and revise content. The fact that I could reach out and communicate real time made me feel supported.

Andreia Ferreira Ruivo
Product Marketing Lead, N26

"I highly recommend this course to any UI/UX designer looking to improve their design skills and create more impactful designs."

Napat Tripech
Consultant - UX/UI Designer, Deloitte

"This was a great program to understand gamification and apply what I learned right away. It was very helpful to me for up skill as product designer. Thank you!"

Seongjeong Jeong
Product Designer, Taskworld Inc.

"Unlike most online courses, it really prepares you for the future work challenges."

Maja Matukin
Partner, Research&Grow

"I really loved the fact that the class was small and all the instructors had a personal touch. They engaged with each student to make sure they got value out of the class. Kudos to the team!"

Bukky Olawepo
Service Designer, Government of Alberta

"I loved the hands-on sessions with FigJam where we can brainstorm and work on our project together. The workshops are also amazing and well-structured. Most importantly, we loved our instructors"

Pariyakorn (Smuk) Landolf,
Founder of BananaThai Language School.

"I really enjoyed the notions learned and how these can be used across different industries. I also really appreciate the different approaches adopted by the instructors and how engaging each class was."

Matteo Argiolas
Head of Business Development, The new Thai Fintech

“I really liked the people of the cohort and the quality of the support and discussions”

Arnaud Pelletier
Senior Consultant, Arpell Consulting

“I really liked the interactive approach. Many insights have been brought up and I feel like I was able to share my own experience and build knowledge from that”

Benedetta Vallese
Student, Università degli Studi di Milano

"The methodical framework with a well thought out structure of strategies. Plus the engaging instructors."

Rajdeep Ghai
Founder and Partner at Henka Pte Ltd.,

Developed by international world-class educators and practitioners.

Behavioral design educators and practitioners with experience in health, sustainability, finance, ecommerce, learning, and change management.

Massimo Ingegno

Behavioral Design Strategist and University Lecturer, Creator of the Make it toolkit

Massimo has been defined as one of the world’s leading Behavior and Gamification Designers and has pioneered this filed in Thailand. He has trained 2000+ design and business leaders and created the Make it toolkit to make behavioral design accessible and actionable.

David McCann

Business Strategist and Behavioral Design, Make it toolkit Coach

David is global business leader with extensive and proven results in marketing, product design and culture change programs in high-growth Asian markets. He is focused on financial inclusion and accessible healthcare and uses behavioral design to build solutions to further that goal.

Zac Fitz-Walter

Gamification Designer and Researcher, Make it toolkit Coach

Zac is an established thought leader in the space of gamification, motivation and engagement design. He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design

Preeti Kotamarthi

Applied Behavioral Scientist, Make it toolkit Coach.

Preeti is an Applied Behavioral Science leader, with experience in setting up and running behavioral science units in multiple product-led tech companies and startups. She is passionate about advocating for the role of behavioral science in product and design, through her writing and podcasts."

Content Overview.

Learn our tried and tested step-by-step process over 8 weeks.
3 hours of live learning module and 1 hour of homework per week.

Module 1

Behavioral Science and You.

Understand how you actually make decisions with real-world experiments, case studies and research insights.

Module 2

Behavioral Science meets Design.

Learn how to integrate behavior science into the design process and systematically design with intent.

Module 3

Think like a Game Designer.

Learn the elements of fun, and how to think like a game designer to design experiences and behavior change interventions.

Module 4

Learn how to catch attention.

Discover they key strategies and best practices to capture attention and design for user acquisition.

Module 5

Create Successful First Impressions.

Discover they key strategies and best practices to design effective product discovery and user onboarding experiences.

Module 6

Habit-formation for Product Design.

Learn how to design feedback and rewards loops to maximize long-term user engagement.

Module 7

From Tactics to Product Strategy.

Learn how to move from tactical behavioral interventions to creating a holistic strategy to meet your business and product goals.

Module 8

Don’t be evil: ethics and meaning.

Get a chance to reflect and discuss wit peers the ethical implications of applied behavioral science and gamification, and create your compass to design sustainable engagement and meaningful experiences.

Tools and templates to make your life easier.

We've got you covered with digital templates, a reference guide, and an AI-Powered tool.


Digital Make it box

Digital whiteboard (Miro/FigJam) with the digital version of the Make it Box for remote collaboration

PDF Guide

Make it Playbook

Your downloadable guide to revisit they key concepts, and get unstuck any time you communicate and design

AI tool

Make it GPT

I am a Make it toolkit Pro. Let me help you do some magic.

Got a Design Challenge?
Bring it to class!

..and you’ll get to work on it as you learn with us.

"I highly recommend this course to any UI/UX designer looking to improve their design skills and create more impactful designs."

The course is well-structured and presented in a way that makes complex concepts related to behavioral science easier to understand with real world examples. I appreciate how Massimo challenged us to think critically and creatively about how to apply these concepts in real-life scenarios.

Napat Tripech

Consultant - UX/UI Designer, Deloitte

"This was a great program to understand gamification and apply what I learned right away."

There is some practice time every session and Massimo always helped and guided us to understand better and think deeper. It was very helpful to me for up skill as product designer. Thank you!

Seongjeong Jeong

Product Designer, Taskworld Inc.

“This masterclass is best as a team. It will help you establish a common language and method for applying behavioral design in your organization”

John Gusiff

CEO, Customer Centric Solutions LLC

"Unlike most online courses, it really prepares you for the future work challenges."

This course is really worth taking. Unlike most online courses, it really prepares you for the future work challenges. Moreover, the online version allows people like me (outside Thailand) to join and learn from such inspiring field experts.

Maja Matukin

Partner, Research&Grow

"The class exceeded my expectations."

"The class exceeded my expectations. Most classes tells you theory. At TDC, the professionals will actually share practical knowledge and real-world examples, then guide you through the design process. Very impressive."

Nathamon Limpanasumal


"The best gamification class!"

The best gamification class! Workshops are very clear on the steps to design games and how to use game techniques to help improve our app. Thank you.

Pornpat Pimjaroen

Senior UX Designer, Infinitas

"Very useful class."

Very useful class. I’ve learned many strategies to help my client change their behaviour and the case studies gave me lot of practical ideas. So grateful!

Kitti Trirat

Coach, Facilitator and Founder, Passion Training

"Definitely worth the investment."

The case studies were extremely useful to put learning in context. Definitely worth the investment.

Peter Chin Kah Chuah

Head of Program, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Is this for you?

This masterclass is made for people building digital experiences, but the learnings can be applied to nearly any type of business.

You might be a:

UX/UI Design enthusiast with or without prior experience who wants to level up the psychology side of design;
Product Manager who wants to understand how users actually behave so that you can make better decisions
Marketer or loyalty professional who wants to create more engaging campaigns and loyalty programs.
Behavior change professional who is applying psychology insights in the digital space.

You’re looking for:

A practical, yet rigorous design process to encourage or discourage behaviors.
A framework to help you establish a shared languge among your team members;
Flexible tools that can be used at any stage of the design process and in any industry.
Knowledge to both help your users achieve their goals as well as drive business growth.

Steps to Join the Masterclass.

Invites will be sent on a first-come, first-served basis, while taking into account your (or your organisation) mission.


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We’ll be running two parallel editions between September and November 2024 to accommodate different time zones.

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Americas Edition

September 26 to November 14
Every Thursday, 12:00-15:00 (EST)

24-hour LIVE training program via Zoom
Access 300+ tactics database
Office hours for the entire program duration
Earn Level 2 Certification after completion
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25% Super Early bird

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Asia/EU Edition

September 28 to November 16
Every Saturday, 15:00-18:00 (SGT).

24-hour LIVE training program via Zoom
Access 300+ tactics database
Office hours for the entire program duration
Earn Level 2 Certification after completion
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Learn from university educators and practitioners.

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Explore why our alumni think you should sign up for this class now.

"Behavioral science will become an essential toolkit for all product designers. The Make it the toolkit is a great way to learn about how to apply behavioral science to product design."

Samvid Sharma
Founder, Atom

"Design decisions would be infinitely more user centric and backed up by the science of behavioral design."

Premika PoSaw
UX Lead, GovTech Singapore

"It’s a great class to learn and apply behavioral science techniques. The team provides a great framework."

Marius Nakrys
Scientific research analyst, Kilo Health

"This course is great if you are thinking to truly understand your customer and want to step up your company's game in the market."

Matteo Argiolas
Head of Business Development, The new Thai Fintech

"The class was engaging and enjoyable all through the 6 classes. The strategies and tactics are practicable and applicable to my work."

Bukky Olawepo
Service Designer, Government of Alberta

"Make it team makes it easy to understand behavioral science."

Katherine F. Correa
Retail Product Designer, Cegid


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