Become a Behavioral Designer in 30 days, 10 minutes a day.

Learn the foundations of the Make it Toolkit in 30 days throught tried and tested self-paced program, only 10 minutes a day.

Self-paced program

30 days, 10 minutes/day

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"Designing without psychology is like navigating through a maze without a map – you'll find yourself lost and unsure of where to go next."

Massimo Ingegno | CEO, Make it Lab

Learn the magic
of the Make it toolkit.

A shortcut that helps you anticipate problems, identify opportunity points, and design a solution based on what people are actually likely to do.

Learn the magic in 30 days.

Structured Journey

We have put together the most important things you need to know to apply behavioural science when you design.. You’ll start from zero and become a behavioral designer in 30 days, 10 minutes a day.

Interactive Learning

Learn by watching and reading content that draws from cutting-edge research and our accumulated experience delivered to you in an interactive and effective way.  

Case studies

Every session will provide you with many up-to-date, successful and less successful examples to help you appreciate behavioural science and gamification in action.

Practice with the rights method.

Challenges and Quizzes

Put in practice the theory right away with frequent challenges, and test your knowledge with quizzes when you hit milestones.

Workshop-ready cards.

Shorten the the problem identification and ideation processes with our database of behavioural barriers and actionable techniques.

Community Feedback

Join our private channel on Discord and ask questions to your peers and instructors.

Content Overview.

Learn our tried and tested step-by-step process in 30 days.

Chapter 1

The 5 Laws that Govern Human Behavior.

This chapter introduces the 5 Laws of Behavior, providing a solid foundation to grasp the nuances of human actions and decisions. Perfect for beginners.

Chapter 2

Practical Application.

Learn to bridge the gap between theory and practice in Chapter 2. This part is crafted for designers at any stage of their career, offering a systematic approach to apply behavioral principles in real-world scenarios.

Chapter 3

The 15 Strategies
to influence Behavior.

the heart of the Make it toolkit - the 15 Strategies for influencing behavior. Through industry-specific examples

Chapter 4

The Way Forward Becoming a Behavioral Designer.

The final chapter focuses on the ethical use of behavioral design and offers guidance for your professional journey.

Developed by international world-class educators and practitioners.

Behavioral design educators and practitioners with experience in health, sustainability, finance, ecommerce, learning, and change management.

Massimo Ingegno

Behavioral Design Strategist and University Lecturer, Creator of the Make it toolkit

Massimo has been defined as one of the world’s leading Behavior and Gamification Designers and has pioneered this filed in Thailand. He has trained 2000+ design and business leaders and created the Make it toolkit to make behavioral design accessible and actionable.

David McCann

Business Strategist and Behavioral Design, Make it toolkit Coach

David is global business leader with extensive and proven results in marketing, product design and culture change programs in high-growth Asian markets. He is focused on financial inclusion and accessible healthcare and uses behavioral design to build solutions to further that goal.

Zac Fitz-Walter

Gamification Designer and Researcher, Make it toolkit Coach

Zac is an established thought leader in the space of gamification, motivation and engagement design. He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design

Preeti Kotamarthi

Applied Behavioral Scientist, Make it toolkit Coach.

Preeti is an Applied Behavioral Science leader, with experience in setting up and running behavioral science units in multiple product-led tech companies and startups. She is passionate about advocating for the role of behavioral science in product and design, through her writing and podcasts."

Samuel Salzer

Behavioral Science Advisor, Author & Founder of Habit Weekly

A seasoned applied behavioral scientist and advisor, Samuel’s mission is to assist value-driven organizations around the globe in harnessing the power of behavioral science and economics to craft exceptional digital products and services.

Tools and templates to make your life easier.

We've got you covered with digital templates, a reference guide, and an AI-Powered tool.


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Make it Playbook

Your downloadable guide to revisit they key concepts, and get unstuck any time you communicate and design

AI tool

Make it GPT

I am a Make it toolkit Pro. Let me help you do some magic.

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