Certificate of Completion.


Premika PoSaw

Graduate on:

February 1, 2024

Expire on:

Does not expire

Course description

The Make it Masterclass is a 24-hour interactive learning program thought by leading educators and practitioners. It provides unique insights into the 5-step Behavioral Design & Gamification process and method to design more usable, persuasive and engaging digital experiences to change behavior and drive business growth, ethically.

Skills unlocked:


1. Strategize: setting up a behavioral design challenge

How to set up a challenge to align the intervention to desired business and behavioral outcomes

2. Map: Persona building and environment mapping

How to build behaviorally informed personas, conduct UX audits and map user journey to identify barriers and opportunity points.

3. Ideate: Behaviorally-informed solutions

How to brainstorm solutions backed by behavioral science (including nudges, incentives and game mechanics), formulate behavioral design hypotheses, and decide among alternatives.

Next Steps:

Submit a behavioral design challenge to showcase how you have successfully prototyped, tested and evaluated a behavioral intervention.


4. Build: Behaviorally-informed solutions

Visualise ideas in the form storyboards, wireframes, mockup and interactive prototypes.

5. Test: Behaviorally-informed solutions

Test and validate the intervention via usability-testing, RCTs, or A/B testing to evaluate its effectiveness.

Want to learn the magic too?

We run the live Masterclass once a year. Learn how to design persuasive, habit-forming and engaging experiences.